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hofbräu beer garden panama city beach fl

Hofbräu Beer Garden Panama City Beach FL

In 1589, a thirsty Wilhelm V oversaw the construction of the very first Hofbräuhaus. Since then, the Hofbräuhaus has been a symbol of Bavarian culture and a great place to eat, drink and socialize.

Hofbräu Beer Garden in Panama City Beach is bringing the old ways of Bavaria right to the Gulf Coast.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel as if you stepped into 16th century Bavaria. The classic long wooden tables fill the dining area, so be prepared to make some new friends.

The restaurant’s wooden ceilings are high and vaulted, making the average-sized space feel like a grand hall.

If you came thirsty, you’re in luck.

Hofbräu Beer Garden has an extensive beer menu, offering both seasonal and everyday brews. You simply can’t go wrong with Hofbräu’s Original Brew that is sure to compliment any of the delicious items on the menu. You can even get a giant 34-ounce mug!

Speaking of the menu, Hofbräu Beer Garden offers a hearty menu studded with Bavarian classics.

Start off your feast with a warm, salty pretzel. The pretzel dough is imported from Germany, so you know it’s authentic. The twisted treat comes with a sweet mustard sauce that makes for a perfect pairing, but Beth, our server, insisted on bringing a side of beer cheese — and we’re glad she did.

Beth also helped us navigate the large menu and pin down some local favorites.

“The Jagerschnitzel is definitely the most popular,” she says. “But if you want something truly unique, you have to try the Meterwurst.”

The Meterwurst arrives at your table in all its glory with both ends extending out over the plate. And yes, just as the name suggests, it is almost a meter long!

This (best) wurst is snuggled in a toasty baguette. Be sure to order with sauerkraut! Remember the beer cheese and sweet mustard from earlier? If you have any left, Beth recommends using it on the Meterwurst.

Still have room for more? Oma’s Apple Strudel is freshly made and served with vanilla ice cream … tastes like it just came from Oma’s kitchen!

Hofbräu Beer Garden turns up the volume at night with traditional German music to complete the authentic Hofbräuhaus aesthetic.

Come in and join the epic feast at Hofbräu Beer Garden.

Hofbräu Beer Garden is located at 701 Pier Park Drive in Panama City Beach FL 32413. For more information, visit the Hofbräu Beer Garden website or call (850) 235-4632.