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You Won’t Pho-Get About This Place

pho pier 77 Panama City beach fl

Pho Pier 77 Panama City Beach FL

Vietnamese cuisine might not be the first thing you think of when you’re in Panama City Beach, but Pho Pier 77 is shifting those expectations for locals and visitors alike.

Located just off Front Beach Road, Pho Pier 77 brings authentic Vietnamese cuisine directly to the Gulf Coast. With plenty of breezy outdoor seating and a large bar and dining area, Pho Pier 77 is a perfect choice for any season.

As you may have already guessed, the pho at Pho Pier 77 is the most popular dish.

Tendon and tripe are a classic protein in pho, and the Vietnamese locals in the area can’t get enough. But if you’re feeling unsure about trying something different, there is no need to fret.

Our server, Nicole, made it clear that there was a bowl of pho for everyone at 77.

“The Pho Filet Mignon is extremely popular with people who are trying pho for the first time,” she says, “It’s a familiar cut of meat and it tastes great. The chicken noodle soup is also a favorite.”

The bowls of pho come in both small and large options, but don’t be fooled by the word “small.” The small is more like a large and the large is undeniably extra-large. Even those with a big appetite might have trouble putting away the bigger size. 

The pho comes to your table steaming hot and aromatic. A side plate full of bean sprouts, basil, lime and jalapeño is at your disposal to add an extra kick to your pho. (Don’t forget the Sriracha.)

If a 16-hour cooking time seemed excessive to you before, one taste of this delicious pho is all you will need to become a believer. The combination of savory beef broth, warm noodles, citrus and spice creates an explosion of flavor that will have you in a pho frenzy.

Hey, maybe you should order the large after all.

Still not sold on the pho or maybe you’re just craving something else? The menu at Pho Pier 77 does not disappoint when you flip it over. Locals keep coming back for the Banh Mi, a classic Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette with meat, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeno, daikon, carrots, pate and house butter.

This fusion of French and Vietnamese flavors is as unique as it is delectable. Wash it all down with a signature fresh squeezed juice or jasmine tea.

Deviate from the familiar, and let Pho Pier 77 bring the flavors of Southeast Asia straight to you.

Pho Pier 77 is located at 19932 Front Beach Rd., Panama City Beach, FL. For questions or to ask about the menu, visit the Pho Pier 77 Facebook page or call (850) 238-8877.