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studio by the sea panama city beach fl

Studio by the Sea Panama City Beach FL

Do you ever feel too cramped during studio yoga?

Studio by the Sea in Panama City Beach has the remedy: beach yoga!

Since 2012, Studio by the Sea has been offering yoga, exercise and dance classes to the locals of Panama City Beach.

Wendy Lewis, the Artistic Director at Studio by the Sea, has more than 15 years of teaching experience.

For beach yoga, everyone meets at the studio and walks across to the beach together. (Don’t worry about bringing a yoga mat.) During the walk to the beach, Wendy highlighted some of the advantages of doing yoga on the beach.

“Beach yoga gives you an opportunity to focus on earth, movement and breath,” she says. “I have nothing against studio yoga, but you’re always missing the connection to earth when you’re indoors.”

Once you’re on the beach, you’ll kick off your shoes while Wendy finds a nice and quiet spot to set up.

The yoga starts off slow and gets more advanced as the session progresses, but don’t worry about your level of experience. Wendy gives easy-to-follow instructions and is careful to not leave anyone behind.

At the end of the session, the sun will usually be just about to set. This is a good chance to appreciate the beautiful Gulf Coast scenery and have a brief moment of meditation.

Britney, a first-timer at beach yoga, was pleased with her experience.

“This isn’t my first time doing yoga, but it’s my first time trying beach yoga,” she says. “It’s just so much more relaxing than studio yoga. The sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the beautiful sunset create an incredible ambiance.”

Britney was also surprised by another aspect of beach yoga she had not anticipated.

“It is much more difficult than studio yoga,” she says. “Doing yoga in the sand makes it so that you are constantly having to balance on an uneven surface. It was really a great workout.”

Take advantage of this unique yoga experience at Studio by the Sea.

Studio by the Sea is located at 7328 Thomas Drive in Panama City FL 32408. For more information, visit the Studio by the Sea website or call (850) 867-7209.