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A Visit Here Works Wonders on Your Mood

wonderworks Panama City beach fl

WonderWorks Panama City Beach FL

If you’re doing a handstand, this building looks completely normal.

But if you’re walking down the street the old-fashioned way, WonderWorks in Panama City Beach will make you stop and tilt your head in, yes, wonder.

WonderWorks is a 35,000 square foot hodgepodge of science, games and interactive attractions. Find yourself learning new things while having fun? That’s the whole reason WonderWorks was created!

Since the building appears upside down, the front door leads to the ceiling. Try to keep your balance as you pass through the entrance of swirling purple lights all around you.

If Newton is your hero, you’ll want to explore the first level, full of physical challenges and physics displays. Hop on the XTREME 360 bikes for a quick lesson in how to generate power with your feet. Pedal as hard as you can, and you might be able to do a complete 360! (Make sure to empty your pockets.)

Have an itch you just can’t scratch? Try laying on a bed of nails! It’s not just for sideshow entertainers and adrenaline junkies anymore. Lay down on the smooth plexiglass, and a WonderWorks attendant will lower the surface. Before you know it, you’ll be laying on a bed of 3,500 nails! Don’t worry. Gravity and weight distribution will keep you completely pain-free.

Okay, so you’re wondering when the intensity gets turned up a bit? Look no further than the Wonder Coaster. It’s a rollercoaster virtual simulator with all of the thrills of a classic outdoor coaster.  You’ll get strapped in just like the real deal. Before the attendant shuts the hatch, he’ll ask if you want “slow, medium, fast … or extreme.” If you can handle it, we recommend going for the extreme setting, where you’ll be inverted up to 14 times! (We wouldn’t do this on a full stomach.)

Ever wonder what bumper cars, laser tag and hanging upside down have in common? Neither did we until we checked out Space Fury. Strap into your pod vehicle, and prepare for a galactic battle between you and your friends. You control where your pod goes and have unlimited laser ammo to shoot at other drivers. Don’t worry about holding your fire when you’re upside down, because there are plenty of targets on the ceiling.

Escape a rainy day, or just take a break from the beach at WonderWorks.

WonderWorks is located at 9910 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL. For ticket prices and more information, visit the WonderWorks website or call (850) 249-7000.